Relay presents 7 newly commissioned works and the UK premiere of 'Swing Set' by Ed Osborn

Relay brings together a number of works that manifest particular engagements with sound. Particular insofar as they point towards a singular, subjective preoccupation and its movement into the world. Particular as each engages with sound or engages sound in some way.

It is within these relations that Relay is formed; the project and its works are not about sound itself, but about its relation to other fields.

This two-part exhibition extends the curatorial frame with simultaneous online broadcasts via and networked screenings to the Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight and Farnham Maltings, Surrey.

Relay I

Bernard G. Mills’ Title Roll is a cinematic installation that surveys a record collection spanning forty years: a procedure of selection that defies the conventions of indexing. 

Yve Lomax’s Roll and the Example is a philosophical treatise on the nature and composition of the example and shows that the place of the example, the space an example appears to occupy, is paradoxically, the very space it can never fully occupy. 

Clare Gasson’s film The Ballad of Albatross Way traverses multiple narratives as it approaches a blind spot: a point at which the end can only be seen after turning the corner. 

Mo White’s exploration of the impact of the circular pan on film in a round... recurs at different speeds to the reiterations in the other works as it recalls past attempts to destroy cinema’s pleasures by way of the preventative effect of the pan and the eventual, one might say inevitable, decline of such attempts through the disruption of desire.

<i>Title Roll</i>, Bernard G Mills

Title Roll, Bernard G Mills

<i>Swing Set, </i>Ed Osborn & <i>Index</i>, Giles Drayton

Swing Set, Ed Osborn & Index, Giles Drayton

Relay II

Ed Osborn’s installation Swing Set generates a haunted air, as if the actions of the children who once used them continue to stay in place long after they have departed.

Angus Carlyle’s If You Were To Clap, If I Were To Listen pushes out into the origins and mechanics of sound transmission, its receipt and a wonder that remains undiminished by factual and scientific expositions of the process. 

Giles Drayton’s sculpture Index explores the division of our lives by tintinnabulant indicators through the construction of a full-scale church bell composed of over 100 sheets of wood.

Kate Briggs’s Bell Fabrications direct association with Drayton’s  Index furnishes us with a number of tintinnabulant resonances ranging from the anticipatory plagiary of the bell in dreams where the ringing of alarm clocks both stimulates the sleeper into a dream narrative and provides its finale, to the peculiar fabrication of Pavlov’s use of bells in academic memory.

Exhibition Details

Bernard G. Mills, Clare Gasson, Yve Lomax, Mo White
2nd – 25th November 2007
Preview 6pm, Thursday 1st November 2007

Ed Osborn, Giles Drayton, Angus Carlyle, Kate Briggs
30th November – 21st December 2007
Preview: 6pm, Thursday 29th November 2007

12-6pm Tues-Sun
Friese Greene Gallery, 
15-17 Middle St, 

Online broadcast:
Networked broadcasts:
Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford
Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight
Farnham Maltings, Surrey.

Exhibition Catalogue


The exhibition catalogue contains the four commissioned texts by Yve Lomax, Mo White, Angus Carlyle and Kate Briggs with an overarching paper about the project by exhibition co-curator Julian Weaver.

The catalogue is now sold out but all the texts are available to read onsite via the links above. You can read the exhibition paper by following the link below.

Introductory Paper