outlet is a broadcast channel which exists to present projects that are difficult to transmit within existing scheduling models for web radio / tv.  It was developed to deliver networked components of works exhibited by finetuned and provide the means for external groups to deliver specific projects.

Outlet is the result of our intention to develop a broadcast channel unfettered by the constraints of traditional broadcasting; namely the slot based time-restricted scheduling we associate with both network and online radio / television channels.

The channel inverts the purpose of scheduling insofar as the schedule will adjust to the frequency and /or duration of presented works. We expect that some works will be continuous with or without intervals, others intermittent or looped, others live or generative and are looking forward to others that fall outside of the current scope.

In conceiving a channel where these constraints were not in place, it is our intention to provide a space in which contributors can present works unsuited to, or difficult to place within, existing broadcast structures. 

This is not a radio channel - there are no presenters or djs, no studio and no schedulers. It is part of an attempt to utilise existing broadcast mechanisms in a different way.

We are not technological determinists. Whilst we do not perceive the channel as net radio this will not preclude some contributors using it as such. 

Outlet is deployed using a modified version of the Frequency Clock open source software, initially conceived and developed by r a d i o q u a l i a.

finetuned was part of a working group redeveloping the Frequency Clock software for release in late 2008.

Members include:
Deckspace (London, UK) 
finetuned (Brighton, UK) 
Mediashed (Southend, UK)
r a d i o q u a l i a (New Zealand) 
Skintstream (Southend, UK)
Dennis McGregor (Australia)