Current Projects

We're very excited to be working with Semiconductor on Halo, their commission for the 4th Audemars Piguet Commission with guest curator Monica Bello. Curator and Head of Arts at CERN, Bello describes how by utilising sensor data, “the artists have been able to access the time sequences and slow them down to enter into the realm of human perception.”

We're not currently able to divulge any details until after the installation opens this summer. 

Halo will be premiered at Art Basel, Switzerland 14th-17th June 2018. 

Boosting Resilience

We've launched a new microsite Boosting Resilience - Survival Skills for the New Normal, an intense, boundary-pushing and catalytic two year Executive Learning programme running until 2019.

One of four flagsghip projects in Arts Council England's Building Resilience programme, it aims to enable senior staff from England-based arts and cultural organisations, music education hubs, museums and library services to develop new approaches to make the most of Creative Assets and Intellectual Property.

Boosting Resilience is being conceived and delivered by:

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at
Cass Business School. City, University of London (Cass/City)

The Culture Capital Exchange (TCCE)

The Centre for Enterprise, Manchester Metropolitan University (CfE/Manchester Metropolitan University)

Recent Projects

Sound Little Island, a collaboration with composer Jean Martin premiered in the ancient Tour de la Lanterne, La Rochelle, France as part of Festival Zero1. 

This 12-channel installation transmitted live soundscapes from locations in England to the ancient Tour de la Lanterne in La Rochelle, France. These are sounds of everyday life in Brighton; a traditional English pub full of bluster, small talk and sporadic singalong; below a railway viaduct - cars are washed, seagulls cry, birds sing…

The soundscapes are complemented by interviews with French people who live, work, or study in England. They talk about their situation since the vote to leave the EU; their anxieties, nervousness, anger, plans and hopes.

Documentation of the project was broadcast on Resonance FM, Resonance Extra and Framework Radio on the nights of the French Presidential Election 2017.

More information on Sound Little Island is available at

Other News

In the Future Perfect

Julian and Jol Thomson have been commissioned by The Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities to research a new work  with the theme of Creating Earth Futures.

'In the Future Perfect' aims at a polyvalent understanding of what fusion energy, a theoretically clean and unlimited energy source, could mean for the future global environment and economy.

Water Bodies

Julian will be presenting Wet Sensing: three waterings for mouth, hand, ear as part of the Water Bodies' Evolutionary Curriculum at Whitstable Biennale 2018 Festival.

Large Objects, Moving Air

Julian gave a talk on cavitation at LOMA 18a one day conference exploring the presence, agency and materiality of air from the microscale to macroscale, through both literal and figurative interpretations. 

LOMA 18 took place in January 2018 at London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London.


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