Current Projects

Fusion Expo

Finetuned is working with EuroFusion to produce a range of immersive, artistic and participatory public components of the next Fusion Expo: a pan-European exhibition on the state of the art in Fusion Energy.

The European scientific programme is based on the Roadmap to the Realisation of Fusion Energy. The programme has two aims: Preparing for ITER experiments and developing concepts for the future fusion power demonstration plant DEMO

Listening Across Disciplines

Finetuned is a co-applicant and project partner on Listening Across Disciplines II: a four year AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council. UK) funded project which systematically investigates the potential of listening as a legitimate and reliable methodology for research across the arts and humanities and into science, social science and technology.

The project continues and builds on the educational, societal and cultural impacts achieved by the global network of significant partners from across the disciplines that were brought together in the AHRC network project of the same name in 2016-17. 

Previous Projects

We're very pleased to have worked with Semiconductor on Halo, their commission for the 4th Audemars Piguet Commission with guest curator Monica Bello. Curator and Head of Arts at CERN, Bello describes how by utilising sensor data, “the artists have been able to access the time sequences and slow them down to enter into the realm of human perception.”

HALO takes the form of a ten-metre-wide cylinder-shaped structure that is entirely surrounded by vertical piano wires. Standing four metres tall, the interior of the installation is encircled by a 360-degree screen on which visitors can observe kaleidoscopic data projections generated by a series of slowed-down subatomic particle collisions that ordinarilly occur almost at the speed of light. As they hit the screen, the animated data points also trigger small hammers to hit the surrounding piano wires, emiting an all-encompassing vibration that resonates throughout the artwork, to be experienced both acoustically and physically by visitors. 

The installation marks the first time an artist has received permission to work directly with raw data generated by the ATLAS experiment. 

Halo was premiered at Art Basel, Switzerland 11th-17th June 2018. Watch a film of the installation at

Other News

Re:sound 2019

Julian gave a paper entitled  'Future Audition: listening to promises of 'unlimited power for the indefinite future' at the 8th International Conference for Histories of Media Arts. The conference took place in Aalborg, Denmark in August 2019.


In the Future Perfect

Julian and Jol Thomson presented some outcomes of their Creating Earth Futures commission at Senate House in April and at Raven Row Gallery in May.

Commissioned by The Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities and working with the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, In the Future Perfect aims at a polyvalent understanding of what fusion energy, a theoretically clean and unlimited energy source, could mean for the future global environment and economy.


New sound work for Colour Out of Space

Julian was invited to create a sound work for the Colour Out of Space Festival in April 2019.

Rocantin for Colonel Gouraud focuses on the political ambitions of Thomas Edison's former European Representative: and recording pioneer Colonel George Gouraud during his years in Brighton in the early 20C.

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