Sordine a new installation by Julian Weaver, is the second in a series of works exploring historical relationships between the dirigible and the keyboard.

Exhibited during Pilot, Sordine considers Rhapsody for Organ, Op.17, No.31, by Herbert Howells: written one night when he was unable to sleep for the noise of Zeppelin raids on York during the final stages of World War I.

Folded over the keys, the felt designates a muffling involving Howells' bedclothes, the felt boots of the zepplin crews, worn to minimise the risk of sparks and the silence cloth used to cover the piano keyboard when not in use.

Rhapsody for Organ, Op.17, No.31

Julian Weaver is an artist with a predilection for the anachronistic. His works are characterised by undue attention to the idiosyncrasies of fields of enquiry which underpin western cultural practice.