Taken from Invisible, a sound art installation by Flow Motion artists Anna Piva & Edward George, on dark energy, darkness and invisibility, and the creative imagination. 

Musicians: Harrison Smith [saxophone & bass clarinet], Jim Dvorak [trumpet], Charles Bullen [percussion], Anna Piva & Edward George [data sonification & electronics].

Remixed by Hallucinator.

Invisible is based on the sonification and interpretation of the Institute of Astronomy’s research data from Abell 2029, one of the clusters of galaxies whose properties confirmed the presence of dark energy, the enigmatic invisible force responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe. 

Anna Piva & Edward George would like to thank Dr. Carolin Crawford of the Institute of Astronomy for providing the research data. 

Commissioned for Signal

Hallucinator’s work can be located at basicchannel.com