A domestic radio receiver, powered up but disconnected from its accompanying amplifier. For all intents and purposes, a silent object. However, like the human ear generates its own sound, this silent receiver also makes a broadcast of its own. 

Unsilent Radio utilises the near field RF radiation given off by the radio receiver's components as it is switched on or off and tuned to pass through several VHF wavelengths. The recordings obtained were then edited and multi-layered, causing the sounds to automodulate, highlighting their harmonic content and producing beat patterns. 

Commissioned for Signal

Lee Patterson's practice is characterised by a fascination with sound as an initially unforeseen consequence of everyday activity within both human and non-human realms.

Uncovering hidden sound in various environments, he transforms the most mundane or seemingly familiar of settings. Lee is a sound artist whose work with field recording, sonic devices and processes has led to extensive experience working with a host of experimental musicians from around the globe.