Olbers' paradox, described by the German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers in 1823 (but not published by Bode until 1826) and earlier by Johannes Kepler in 1610 and Halley and Cheseaux in the 18th century, is the paradoxical observation that the night sky is dark, when in a static infinite universe the night sky ought to be bright. It is one of the pieces of evidence for a non-static Universe such as the current Big Bang model. This paradox is sometimes also known as the 'dark night sky paradox'. 

This track for signal was created in the small hours, juxtaposing the warm tones of electric instruments with the natural pulses of bullfrogs and crickets outside the studio at the time of recording. 

Commissioned for Signal

Kings & Queens is the project of Rich Good, a British designer and musician, currently residing in Nevada City, California. He has previously played with numerous cross-genre bands in the UK and USA.