An audio collage work that incorporates electronics, tapes and radio; Ian employs his Hellitron tone generators to provide the electronics, a radio and reel to reel tape recorder for sound effects, loops and random sounds. 

Recording brief bursts from the radio, patching together Hellitrons in various combinations to coax different sounds – this forms part of an intuitive approach with weeks and months of experimentation, and much erasing and reworking until a piece gradually takes shape. 

Commissioned for Signal

Ian Helliwell is a composer, filmmaker, collagist, instrument builder, installation artist, live performer, radio and film programmer, light show projectionist, teacher and writer.

Self-taught and self-funded, he has operated from his current hq in Brighton since 1991. His work encompasses over 80 experimental films, and the composition of electronic music with instruments he designs and builds himself. 

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